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I made a conscious effort at the beginning of the VSI MBA CEO to seek advice where possible and accelerated reading levels explained be open to any feedback I’m given. Not only has this accelerated my learning but it star reading accelerated reader has also helped me to work through some of my frustrations whilst developing my network across different sectors of this, and accelerated reading scheme other industries. The most valuable aspect I will take from the first year of the programme is the critical reflection I carried out for my leadership portfolio. That whole accelerated reading scheme process was incredibly important for me as an individual as it’s given me a far greater understanding of the leader I am and the influencer I aim to be.”

Looking into the future it’s no surprise roberts has a drive to continually improve and help others unlock their true potential. “I’ll be forever grateful for the longevity accelerated reader reading level chart and success I’ve enjoyed during my playing career, but I was always excited about exploring my potential in another walk of life. Not many people star reading accelerated reader get to say that they lived their childhood dream and now I get the opportunity to write the next chapter of my story.

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